Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday items.

Larry Kudlow sees political changes coming.

Kudlow also thinks the U.S. is following Greece’s bad example.

David Goldman discusses the low U.S. savings rate at Asia Times.

In Canada’s National Post, Peter Foster uses Say’s Law to rebut John Judis.

The White House puts its muscle behind the argument that spending saves jobs.

While Republicans continue to stress spending cuts.

And The Heritage Foundation highlights a study that indicates spending reduces employment.

From several months ago, Rich Kaarlgard of Forbes argued supply-side economics is the only way out of the deficit nightmare.

Global warming joins the trade deficit, illegal immigration and rising income inequality on the list of recession-related “improvements.”

The Economist rounds up three advocates of devaluation to debate the euro.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton suggests Brazil proves high taxes and economic growth can go together.

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